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Real food


local producers

Locally produced cheeseThe renaissance for local foods certainly benefits our immediate economy but also enables consumers to easily source food that is exactly as it claims to be.

Shops like Crates, farm shops and local produce markets offer all the weekly staples any family would need from freshly baked artisan bread, free range eggs from chickens that live more freely, cheeses lovingly handmade in Sussex, local fruit and vegetables, cakes and delicious preserves hand made using the finest ingredients within a few miles from where you want to buy it.

cacoa-pod2Your local producer has no need to add anything they should not, selling to a local audience on a regular basis. Due to the small batch nature of much of our local produce, you may pay a little more but, when you really weigh it up, any increase in price is negligible when buying fresh food that tastes better, can last longer naturally and is often from happier animals.

Of course, local food shopping is not new, it was what generations before us have always done.  It is a great way of buying real food as it should be, is more interactive and can be really good fun.


Why local?


  • Your produce will be far fresher, contain more natural ingredients and much of it is likely to be healthier. And, quite frankly, it usually tastes far better!
  • Your local producer benefits from supplying through the local chain rather than being squeezed by distributors and supermarkets.
  • You are supporting your local economy and the local businesses that employ local staff.
  • You’re cutting right down those carbon-hungry food miles and helping us live in a world of less fumes and traffic.
  • You’ll be throwing away less packaging - better for your bin and, of course, less landfill.