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Legend has it that Horsham’s dragon was slain by St Leonard, a hermit living in the forest during the 6th century. Lily of the valley are said to grow where his blood fell during the battle. As reward, St Leonard called for snakes to be banished & nightingales silenced, so as not to disturb his prayer.

A thousand years passed until a “strange & monstrous serpent” was seen again in the forest. Could it be that the dragon lives on?

Horsham Serpent Gin is a collaboration between Cabin Pressure Spirits and Crates Local. Whilst it celebrates the legend of the Horsham Serpent Dragon, this creation is super smooth and doesn’t bite!

Aromatic botanicals include pink peppercorns, chilli, ginger, nutmeg and a delightful hint of fresh orange.

Serve with orange peel (& chilli if you dare)! Delicious with tonic of course but also ginger ale or beer.     MADE IN HORSHAM EXCLUSIVELY FOR CRATES LOCAL


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